Price per square foot is not the holy grail of property value

Price per square foot is media darling of value While scanning the news headlines this week I ran across an article titled “What Is the Average Price per Square Foot for a Home — and Why Does It Matter?” Because I am an appraiser this caught my eye for various reasons. The article pointed out […]

Are AMC’s planning to build a new army of appraisers?

If the AMC’s get their wish some appraiser’s jobs could be in danger If you’ve read my blog or been around the real estate profession over the past several years you know what an AMC (Appraisal Management Company) is. As I have explained in the past I’m not a big fan. The premise of the […]

Thank you NAR

Thank you NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) I thought I would take a break from my typical type of appraisal post to thank the NAR publicly on behalf of all appraisers. As many in the real estate field may be aware, last year the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) made changes to their FHA handbook that increased […]

Our floor plan sketch service just got faster!

Our floor plan sketch service is faster than ever Ordering and receiving a floor plan sketch from my company just got faster. That is because I recently switched my office to a digital platform. My ultimate goal is to go paperless in my office and use as little paper as possible. This has benefited my […]

Can a pub shed add value to my home?

What is a pub shed anyway? I was scanning some online articles recently when a story about pub sheds caught my attention. It turns out that a pub shed is just another variation of the she shed but consists of converting the shed into a bar with seating, a bar, a t.v., and of course a […]


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