Should I show buyers my prelisting appraisal?

Do buyers need to see my prelisting appraisal? I was doing a prelisting appraisal for a client this week and she asked me an interesting question I want to share with you. She wanted to know if she should show the report to buyers looking at her house or if she should keep it private. […]

Who can order a home appraisal?

Is it ok for anyone to order a home appraisal? I received a call this week from a homeowner who wanted to order a home appraisal for a refinance loan. They knew the mortgage company would need it to complete the loan. What they didn’t know is that several years ago government legislation made it […]

5 Reasons Birmingham, AL area home sellers should order a floor plan sketch

What exactly is a floor plan sketch? A floor plan sketch is pretty much what it says: a sketch or drawing of the floor plan of your home. The floor plan sketch will have some or all of the following features: It will show the exterior wall dimensions. Rooms within the house will be labeled […]

5 Things Your Birmingham, AL Appraiser Wishes You Knew

5 Things Your Birmingham, AL Appraiser Wishes You Knew Homeowners and agents are starting to understand more about the appraisal process due in part to appraisal blogs like my own as well as the reporting done by the mainstream media in recent years. With the changes going on in the real estate market many are […]

5 Reasons to get a pre-listing appraisal

5 Reasons to get a pre-listing appraisal If I had to pick one part of my appraisal business that has increased over the last several years it would have to be pre-listing appraisals. A pre-listing appraisal is one performed before putting your home on the market for sale in order to get an accurate asking […]


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