What is an easement and how does it affect my property value?

What is an easement? If you’ve ever purchased real estate it’s quite possible that the property may have been subject to an easement. Easements are common and a lot of properties have them without the owner even being aware of it. The easement is something that is included in the legal description as well as […]

6 Appraisal blog posts that will make you a better real estate agent

These 6 blog posts by appraisers can make you a better real estate agent This week I want to share with you some helpful blog posts from my fellow appraisers that will make you a better real estate agent. I think these posts will help you become a more knowledgeable and effective agent because it will […]

What is the value of a gated neighborhood?

Do homes in a gated neighborhood sell for more? If you’ve ever wondered about the value of a gated neighborhood you’ll want read to this post to the end because I’m going to share what I found during a recent appraisal assignment. While we’re focused on a gated neighborhood in this discussion, the process we […]

Top 6 items an appraiser takes pictures of

Curious about what items an appraiser takes pictures of? As a result of the recession that occurred around 2007, and the impact on the real estate market, appraisal requirements have increased significantly. One of these requirements is an increase in the documentation appraisers are required to include in their appraisal reports. Photographs are an important part of […]

How long does it take to complete an appraisal?

Time to complete an appraisal can vary The most common question I get after leaving a home on an appraisal assignment is about how long it will take to complete an appraisal and get the report back. This is understandable since the owner or buyer is nervous and might worry that their house may not […]


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