5 Ways to Spot a Turkey Appraisal

What’s a Turkey Appraisal? One of the definitions for turkey in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is something that is a failure or a flop. In my own words, a turkey appraisal is one that does not provide a reliable indicator of market value for various reasons. Turkeys are great for Thanksgiving but not for appraisals. In […]

What is the FHA Rule for Heating and Cooling Systems?

Confused about the FHA Rule for Heating and Cooling Systems? I’ve received a lot of calls recently regarding the FHA rule for heating and cooling systems. You may have wondered what FHA heat source requirements are or what is considered a permanent heat source. Does FHA require central heat and air? Today we’re going to […]

5 House Flipping Tips From a Birmingham Home Appraiser

House Flipping Tips From a Birmingham Home Appraiser By learning these house flipping tips from a Birmingham home appraiser you can avoid common mistakes made by investors. While I’m not a home-flipping expert I am an appraiser that has seen numerous mistakes by home flippers that could have been avoided if they had known some […]

Why Hiring a Local Birmingham Home Appraiser is Critical

A local Birmingham home appraiser can prevent problems Have you ever had an appraisal on your Birmingham area home for a refinance or purchase only to find out the appraiser was not local? An appraiser who is not local can create problems that may result in a negative appraisal. Today we’re going to discuss five […]

What is gross living area in an appraisal?

What’s the big deal with gross living area? There is a direct correlation between the amount of gross living area in your home and its market value. If everything else is the same, a home with greater square footage (gross living area) will typically be worth more. During an appraisal, the appraiser will take measurements […]


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