What are the FHA rules for the roof?

FHA rules for the roof During an appraisal observation, the appraiser is required to identify and report all “readily observable” adverse conditions of the roof. You should know that what the appraiser does is not the same thing as a home inspection and it should not be considered one. In fact, there is even a […]

5 myths about pricing your FSBO listing

FSBO Pricing Strategies Most FSBO sellers go the DIY route because they want to save money. Saving money does not mean that you have to approach the task of selling your home blindly though. In my 25+ years of appraisal experience I have done a lot of pre-listing appraisals for sellers who thought they were […]

5 Steps to take when the appraisal comes in low

Confused about what to do when your appraisal comes in low? If you’ve ever been in a situation where your appraisal comes in low and you didn’t know what to do hang around because this post is for you. You are not powerless in this situation but you do have to follow a certain protocol. Today we’re […]

The myth of the good, cheap, and fast appraisal

Can an appraisal be good, fast, and cheap? It seems that in today’s world appraisers are being asked to do something that’s impossible. Most appraisers are deluged with work as a result of low interest rates and the surge in refinances due in part to Brexit. Still, some clients believe that the myth of the good, […]

6 Appraisal blog posts that will make you a better real estate agent

These 6 blog posts by appraisers can make you a better real estate agent This week I want to share with you some helpful blog posts from my fellow appraisers that will make you a better real estate agent. I think these posts will help you become a more knowledgeable and effective agent because it will […]


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